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Fun Facts

Missouri was the 24th state in the United States and became a state on August 10th, 1821.  It was also the birthplace of our the 33rd President, Harry S. Truman; born in Lamar, Missouri  [near Joplin] on May 8, 1884.

Capitol: Jefferson City
Largest City: St. Louis
Residents Named: Missourians
State Nickname: "The Show-Me State"
Origin of the Name 'Missouri': Missouri was named for an Algonquin Indian word that means "river of the big canoes."
State Motto: "Salus populi suprema lex esto".  The welfare of the people shall be the supreme law. 
Area - 69,709 square miles.  Missouri is the 21st largest state in square miles in the USA.
Major Industries: Corn and soybean farming, zinc and lead mining, aircraft equipment, cars and beer
Highest Point: Taum Sauk Mountain - 1,772 above sea level

State Bird: Bluebird
State Tree:  Flowering Dogwood
State Animal:  Missouri Mule
State Insect:  Honey Bee
State Aquatic Animal:  Paddlefish
State Fish: Channel Catfish
State Flower: White Hawthorn
State Nut Tree: Eastern Black Walnut
State Fossil:  Crinoid
State Mineral:  Galena [lead sulfide]
State Rock: Mozarkite
State Musical Instrument:  Fiddle
State Folk Dance:  Square Dance